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Do you own vacant land? – Do you have Public Liability Insurance on it?

Do you own a vacant block of land? If so, do you have public liability insurance covering the block of land?

If you do, you need read no further.  If you do not, you probably should read further.

What is the first thing that happens when the local children discover there is a great place to ride their push bikes ie; your block of land?  Soon there is a track coming, next there are some jumps on the track, a few more obstacles and all is going great until little Johnny crashes into the jumps/obstacles and breaks his neck.

You may then have a visit by a process server with a Summons suing you because you were the owner of the block of land where little Johnny broke his neck.

If you visit any solicitor’s office they should be able to point out to you several text books under the heading of “Tort Law” filled with examples of cases of children being where they should not be (even with signs and fences trying to keep them out), getting hurt and then the owner of the property ends up paying.

The Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) has made some steps to lessen claims in this area of the law, but I would not chance it.  Claims such as this are rare, but usually for very large amounts of money and you could lose absolutely everything you own, through no fault of your own other than failing to take out an insurance policy.

Author: Tom Pottenger

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